List of publications (conference proceedings, talks, ...) using the Million Song Dataset.

This is not an exhaustive list. We do not plan to include papers that only cite the dataset. The list is somewhat in chronological order (from oldest to newest). If you think your work should be included, send me an email!

  • The Million Song Dataset, T. Bertin-Mahieux, D. Ellis, B. Whitman and P. Lamere, ISMIR '11 [pdf] [bib] [code]
  • Large-scale cover song recognition using hashed chroma landmarks, T. Bertin-Mahieux and D. Ellis, WASPAA '11 [pdf] [bib] [code]
  • The natural language of playlists, B. McFee and G.R.G. Lanckriet, ISMIR '11 [pdf] [project]
  • Large-scale music similarity search with spatial trees, B. McFee and G.R.G. Lanckriet, ISMIR '11 [pdf]
  • A non-parametric bayesian approach towards feedforward neural networks, S. Chatzis, D. Korkinof and Y. Demiris, ICTAI '11 [pdf]
  • Audio-based Music Classification with a pretrained convolutional network, S. Dieleman, P. Brakel and B. Schrauwen, ISMIR '11 [pdf]
  • Improving perceptual tempo estimation with crowd-source annotations, M. Levy, ISMIR '11 [pdf] [slides]
  • The Million Song Dataset Challenge, B. McFee, T. Bertin-Mahieux, D. Ellis and G. Lanckriet, AdMIRe '12 [pdf][bib]
  • Measuring the evolution of contemporary western popular music, J. Serra, A. Corral, M. Boguna, M. Haro and J.L. Arcos, 2012 [pdf]
  • CCA and a Multi-way Extension for Investigating Common Components between Audio, Lyrics and Tags, M. McVicar and T. De Bie, CMMR '12 [pdf]
  • Hypergraph models of playlist dialects, B. McFee and G.R.G. Lanckriet, ISMIR '12 [pdf]
  • Ranking lyrics for online search, R. Macrae and S. Dixon, ISMIR '12 [pdf]
  • Maximum marginal likelihood estimation for nonnegative dictionary learning in the Gamma-Poisson Model, O. Dikmen and C. FĂ©votte, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Oct. 2012 [pdf]